I was fired from my job at Shit & Co because I sent an instant message to Bobby at work saying “I miss you so much.”  It was a bold move on my part because until that point, Bobby and I had nothing more than a limited professional relationship.

On a few occasions, I had emailed Bobby to say, “Have a good weekend” or “Have a good night.”  My manager once called me into her office to explain what I meant by those messages but started and ended the meeting by letting me know that I had done nothing wrong.

In ways that I cannot prove, I was led to believe by various colleagues, including one of Bobby’s most trusted employees in the department and also by my experiences on Halloween night 2015, that a more direct message would have been well received.

I told Bobby, “I miss you so much” because it was my truth.  I believe he had intentionally distanced himself at that point suspecting it would create this very sensation that might lead me to reach out.  And because I had fallen in love with him and was tired of pussyfooting around the issue, I wanted to make my intentions to him very clear.  I did not want there to be any more ambiguity around what the fuck Priya meant by “have a good night.”

Bobby never responded to my instant message.  Within hours, I was called by HR and my manager to explain what made me think I could say that to Bobby and was told by HR that I had already been warned about this by my manager.

You got documentation to support that? No, bitches, you don’t.  Go fuck yourselves.

The call ended with them saying that I was locked out of my account, was not allowed to speak to anyone at work, that they needed to have some discussions internally and would get back to me.

I was called the following week and told over the phone that I was being fired because what I said what inappropriate, made people uncomfortable (what the fuck does that mean?) and I had previously been warned about this (LIES).  I was given a 3-month severance package that I could only receive upon signing away my rights to sue Shit & Co. for a wrongful discharge termination.

At no point during any of this did I hear from Bobby.  I felt betrayed by him, I felt led on and because I did not know anything about him, I believed him to be a sick, twisted person who took pleasure out of causing me extraordinary pain.

So on top of being fired without warning and not being able to receive a letter of recommendation from any of my colleagues at Shit & Co. to vouch for my reputation, I was heartbroken and devastated.  Because I was set up to be fired by people I trusted, I had no reason to believe any benefit would come from contacting those who betrayed me, including Bobby.  It has been safer to assume ALL OF YOU set me up to be ruined.

That is the biggest reason why I refuse to have any contact with my former colleagues and have in fact blocked all of them from contacting me on my phone or LinkedIn.  I don’t trust you.  Over a year and half after the fact, I am still struggling from the damage you caused me.  Also, HR yells at me if I try to contact you, like when I eventually emailed Bobby asking for some help on his part to clear my reputation resulting from this mess.  HR responded for him by sending me a cease-and-desist letter.


Happy Birthday, Bobby.  Hope this clears up any wrongdoing on your part.  Please let me know if you need anything else because I LOVE TALKING ABOUT THIS!!!

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