October 31, 2015: Bob, the Director of Research, hiding under a Mike Myers mask, ended up at the same Halloween party as me.  Late in the night he took the mask off and I saw his face, clearly able to identify him

December 30, 2015: Using Microsoft Lync logged into my work account, I messaged Bob, “I miss you so much.”  There was no response from Bob. I received voicemail from HR saying that I was locked out of my account until I called back.  When I did, I was interrogated by HR and my managerfor about thirty minutes to explain why I thought I could say that to Bob.  After explaining various interactions at the office, they were unsatisfied.  As soon as I implied that there were occurrences outside of the office, they ended the conversation, saying that they had to have some discussions at work and they would get back to me.  At no point during this call was it mentioned that I had ever been warned about this in the past.

January 5, 2016: HR and my manager call me to inform me that I was being fired, that what I said was inappropriate, that I had previously been warned and that I made people uncomfortable.  I did not argue with them and took the hit.  HR advised me to read my termination offer carefully.

January 6, 2016: Termination package arrived in the mail notifying me that by accepting the 3-month severance package I waived my right to any claim of wrongful termination, racial discrimination and various other employee rights that are generally protected by the law.  I did not have any reason to believe they could not do this to me because all of my work experience was at-will hire.  Indeed, New York is an at-will hire state.  It would take me nearly two years after this to realize that as a global company, they would be required to have a termination process outlined in the employee handbook that would supersede New York’s at-will hire status.  Also, believing I had been set up by my co-workers and Bob for this entire process, I thought this was part of the plan for us to be together. So I signed the termination letter and expected to hear from Bob soon.

To this day, Bob has never officially contacted me.  Although, two weeks after I was wrongfully discharged, I believe I saw him across the street from my home in his car.

March 2016: My recruiter landed me an interview for a temp assignment working for the CEO of a real estate company.  When I interviewed with him, he was impressed with me until he asked why I left my previous role. When I told him that I was laid off, he walked out of the interview without saying another word to me.

April-July 2016: Friends and family were acting suspiciously.  I was also being followed around my neighborhood by various Middle Eastern men in an area where there is no notable Middle Eastern population. Starting in May 2016 through my eviction in October 2017, someone was communicating with me non verbally through the walls of my apartment.  I believed that Bob had secretly reached some sort of arrangement with my landlord to make this possible.

For 17 months, I would have conversations in my bedroom and whoever was on the other side of my closet wall would bang in response.  Also, through monitoring my website and tags via the search function, I would get more detailed clues on what this person was trying to communicate with me.  To minimize confusion, let’s call this person “Bobby.”

July 2016: I was still unemployed and had not made any attempts to reach out to Bob at work.  Nor did I hear from him. Bobby (in the wall) convinced me to attend an event in the city where I just so happened to meet someone who had an opening at their job.  I went on extensive interviews and was made an offer but when my prospective employers did a reference check, my former colleagues said that they were not allowed to give a reference for me and could only verify my employment dates.  It became clear to me that I was being pressured to contact Bob directly and I would not do it.  It felt like a set up.  The job offer was rescinded on the grounds that I was overqualified for the position.

August 2016: My recruiters landed me a temp assignment with the same real estate company that I interviewed with in March.  Now my colleagues here was similarly acting suspiciously and providing clues through my lay-off in August 2017.

November 2016: Bobby wanted me to start telling people about him so I started to write about our relationship (via the wall) on this blog.  Almost all of those posts have since been deleted.  His ex-wife then created a blog pretending to still be married to him as a way to undermine my trust and confidence in him, knowing that we were not allowed to have any contact with each other.

December 2016: Bobby starts giving me signs that he’s “desperate” about something.  I wrongfully interpreted that as telling my family about him.  So I told my father the day after Christmas and that did not go well.

January 2017: Over a year had passed since I was wrongfully discharged and neither Bob the DOR nor I had made contact with each other.  However, Bobby told me that he needed me to send him a love letter at work.  Again, I thought this was a part of the plan that would finally lead us to being together.

I first sent a professional letter asking for a letter of recommendation.  Bob did not respond but HR did and told me that it was against company policy for employees to write letters of recommendations for anyone.

I finally sent a proper love letter.  There was no immediate response from Bob or HR After a few days with no response, I sent Bob a YouTube link to an SNL skit.  That’s when HR responded on Bob’s behalf and told me that Bob would no longer be reviewing my emails.  At this point, no one said that I was not allowed to contact him again but I interpreted HR’s response as such.

April 2017:  Bobby in the wall convinced me to contact him at work again.  I sent a couple of emails, one was an invitation to my birthday celebrations and another was the dates I was traveling to Miami.  There was never a response from anyone at the company acknowledging these were received.  But I was uncomfortable based off of my previous experiences so I stopped.

July 2017: Based off of growing confidence with my relationship with Bobby in the wall and the lack of response from HR in April, I had been expressing my anger toward his ex-wife on my blog in posts that have now all been deleted.  Bobby also encouraged me to photoshop some photos of him and post them on my blog, which have also all been deleted.

July 7, 2017: I decided to send Bobby balloons to his office for his birthday.

July 10, 2017: I received a phone call from a detective from the NYPD notifying me that Bob had filed police complaints against me for the balloons, and the images of him and his family on my blog.  I removed all of the images immediately.

July 14, 2017: I got another call from the detective again complaining about the images that had been removed days ago.  I yelled at him after he admitted not even looking at my website and I warned him not to call me again unless he had proof.

July 24, 2017: From Bobby’s clues, it became clear to me that Bob was being used to procure evidence after the fact from me as a cover-up for my wrongful termination.  The company had no evidence before firing me to justify the termination.  I also believe that the CEO was behind all of this.

August 4, 2017: I was laid-off from my year-long temporary assignment at the real estate company.  Given all the clues and suspicious behavior I experienced there from numerous employees across multiple divisions, I believed my assignment there was part of Bobby’s plan as well as my being laid off.  I asked Bobby in the wall if I needed to find another assignment and he never responded.  Silence at this point was understood to mean “No.”  I asked several times and the answer was always “No.”  Because I was given two weeks pay from the real estate company after my termination date, I believed Bob was going to be coming at the end of August.

He didn’t.

September 2017: Still believing Bob was coming any day, I waited.  he didn’t and I was running out of money.  My account was overdrawn and I ended up with -$30 in my checking account and $2 in my savings.  I saved stock that I had been awarded to get by and filed for unemployment insurance.

October 2017: Bobby kept indicating Q4 like he was waiting for this to arrive.  So I still thought he was coming any day.

He didn’t.

October 5, 2017: I couldn’t pay my rent and told my landlord.  He was initially supportive, asked what jobs I was looking for and for me to send him his resume but then told me that we needed to talk about the apartment the next day.

October 6, 2017: Fearful that I was going to have to find money for my rent fast, I went to the bank to see if I could get a personal loan.  But with no job and my credit cards maxed out (a situation that Bobby in the wall encouraged me to get into) my credit score is now horrible.  No one is going to give me a loan.  I told my landlord to take October’s rent from my security deposit.  He asked to speak to me and suggested that I consider asking my neighbor if she would be willing to be my roommate.  We argued about it because I felt like he was telling me this was my only option and he thought he was just suggesting a possibility.  I was frustrated because his suggestion didn’t solve the problem for October’s rent nor what my neighbor’s lease terms were, etc.  To me, it felt like he and my neighbor were trying to give my apartment to my neighbor (because I have a two-bedroom and she has one).  We yelled at each other and I told him that my lease expired at the end of the month and that was an option for me, too.  He told me that I had to give him notice if I was going to leave.  So that evening I told him I would leave by the end of November, giving him over 45 days notice.  He also threatened me with eviction which was within his right to do since I had not paid rent.

For the first time in the nearly 48 months I had lived there, I couldn’t pay my rent and he refused to cut me slack.

I warned Bobby in the wall that day with the rejection from the bank and the threat of eviction from my landlord that I was feeling suicidal.

October 7, 2017: My landlord replied to my notice CCing his attorney for his protection and told me he wanted me to leave by the end of October.  I told him I was happy to leave at the end of the month and began making preparations for it.

I was still struggling with suicidal thoughts and stopped communicating with Bobby in the wall.

October 8, 2017: My neighbors stopped by asking about the furniture sale. I explained my situation and they put me in touch with a family member who had a job opening at his recruiting agency.  Again, I believed Bobby to be behind all of this.

October 11, 2017: The interview went too smoothly and I was told that they wanted to hire me but couldn’t officially do it until their HR person was back from vacation early the following week.

October 13, 2017:  One of the interviewers contacts me urgently asking if I could come to the office at 10am the following Monday, 10/16/17.  I asked why and she said to start working.  I was uneasy because no one had made an official offer, no offer package had been sent outlining a salary and other basic terms of employment.  It felt like a scam so I said I would need to review the offer letter when their HR contact was back from vacation.

October 17, 2017: I received the offer letter but now they were asking me to start on Monday, October 30th.  The inconsistency in their sense of urgency, feeling pressured to start working before employment terms were defined and their 3-month probationary period all made me feel uncomfortable.  I believed I was being set up again to have the rug pulled out from under me similarly to what happened in August 2016.  So I declined the offer.

I have been told by recruiters that not being able to provide references from my time at my former job would prevent me from landing an offer.  I still have not been able to land a full-time job since being fired in January 2016.

November 1, 2017: After donating all of my furniture to charity and storing my essentials, I moved out.  My landlord said I could stay a few days longer but because I have witnessed this man evict a former tenant a couple of years ago, I no longer felt comfortable living there or accepting his generosity.

Again, believing that Bobby was behind all of this and that he wouldn’t allow me to suffer so much, I still felt he was coming any day now.

He hasn’t.

November 1-9, 2017:  I have been staying at various hotels in NJ waiting for Bobby to show up any day now.  I’ve run out of money and have had to sell jewelry to keep from sleeping in my car.  Bono got fleas from a dirty hotel room and I think I may have gotten lice.  I had to treat my hair with RID shampoo this morning.  I don’t know where I’m sleeping tomorrow night which is not good with the cold front coming in.  I found a cleaner hotel but their Friday night rate is more than I care to spend given how much I’ve already spent on hotels already.  I may have earned enough for a free night back at the flea hotel but I think I’d rather take my chances in my car in 20-degree weather.

If I can stay out of hotels through next week I can meet all of my bills for this month.  So it’s stressful when my friends encourage/pressure me to stay in a hotel now.  I understand that they are worried but I can’t afford it.  They’ve already given me money and I don’t want to keep asking.

Bobby in the wall has followed me to the various hotels I’m staying at, including now.  However, I now believe that it’s not Bobby but people who have been hired instead.

I reached out to Bob at work summarizing the above.  There has been no response from him or anyone from the company so far.  I believe the company may be blocking him from receiving and sending me communication.  Because Bob and I never had a personal relationship prior to my being fired, I do not have any of his personal information to be able to contact him outside of his work email address and phone number.





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