Many of you may be wondering why A Desi New Yorker has been quiet for weeks now. I’m not thrilled with the lack of posts myself but there’s been a lot going on both good and bad.

For starters, Hurricane Sandy devastated New York and New Jersey. My family and I were lucky. We never lost power or heat, a tree fell on our garage but there was minor damage. Many people were not so lucky as you probably know from the news. I was out of work for a week because downtown Manhattan and many of the subway tunnels were flooded, making commute to the city impossible.

Soon after, NY was hit with a Nor’easter which caused further disruption on the already disrupted. Then the holidays were upon us. I know, a lot of these are excuses, I should manage my time better, etc. But at the beginning of the month, I was trying to get more savvy with my websites,  transitioning to self-hosting and other upgrades but ran into a couple of kinks with Google and Feedburner that basically maimed my productivity.

So here we are. I’ve lost my Facebook monitor on how many followers I had, so I’m not sure if 100+ of you are still following. My first priority is to get a reliable subscriber list set up as soon as possible with an RSS feed. But I just wanted to get the word out now in case there were any questions on your end as to what’s been going on.

A Desi New Yorker is alive and running and I have no plans of slowing down in the near future. Please stay tuned!

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