What?! Is Priya writing another Intimate Weddings Inspirations post?

Now, before you start crying foul, let me explain!

You’re right…sort of.  In my last intimate weddings inspirations post, I promised that I’d be moving the series to my newsletter.  And I did.  If you’re looking for specific details on our elopement plans, you need to sign up to my mailing list here.

Today’s post will not talk about the dresses (yes, plural) that I’ve bought, what veil I’m going with, the shoes, location, what Bobby’s wearing, our vows, etc.  And yes, all of those details have been fleshed out and purchased over the last couple of months.

For those goodies, you need to sign up for the newsletter. And I’m planning a juicy update this week so you still have time!

However, while discussing what a meaningful ceremony and wedding day would like for us when we elope, I came up with a fun idea that I had to share with everyone.

You won’t be able to find this anywhere else on the internet. Believe me, I’ve tried.  Not much info exists when it comes to elopement ideas.  The nature of it is ad hoc, I understand, but I feel like there should be more guidance on the internet.  So I’m adding what little I can to the pot here.

Bobby and I have both had previous marriages.  As we look towards doing this a second time, we have to reflect on our respective pasts and learn from them.  That’s really what motivated my Relationships Skill Set post; those are the lessons I learned from my failed marriage.  That skill set is sacred to me but I have to stress that it is not easy to stick to.  Just ask Bobby, he has to remind me of that post constantly!  I struggle with language/tone and Bobby struggles with giving me my independence.  We’re great at hugging and playing, though, and I’m really proud of the progress I’ve made with forgiveness. Whew!

To start our marriage off on the best foot possible, I wanted to find a way to incorporate the relationship skill set into our wedding day.  I thought it would be fun and unique if we could do a scavenger hunt together.  Every item we have to seek is linked to each of the eleven skills necessary to make a marriage succeed.  Find a pretty box for them and you’ve got a great keepsake from your wedding to not only remember the day but also serve as a tool kit throughout your journey together.

Yep, I totally patted myself on the back for this genius idea!  And I designed the card for the game below which you can download for FREE:

CLICK HERE to download for FREE!

You’re welcome.

I’ll come back and let you know how we did.  If you decide to use this on your special day, please share your experiences below!

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