Sorry, it’s been awhile. Did you miss me?

I went to Maine this past weekend and had a lovely time. Then I came home and my dad made a “reasonable” request that has thrown me off-balance again and I’m trying to find my bearings.

In the meantime, I want to share the process that I’m going through with you. At 29, living at home and being underemployed after having lived on my own for 5 years is demoralizing. With my dad’s new attempt to control me, it’s just a reminder of how little control I have over where I want my life to be right now. So I’m desperate to move out because at least in one way, I can have something going “right” in my life now.

Here are some articles I’ve found that got me ruminating:

Being 30 and Living With Your Parents Isn’t Lame – It’s Awesome

Help! I’m Stuck Living at Home

What are your thoughts and experiences? I’d love to hear from you so please share below.

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