Happy Monday!

Just my luck to head back to work after a one-week vacation nursing a cold.  The frigid temperatures combined with wind gusts are what did me in.  I know because I can trace germ paths 🙂

Braving the cold weather on Saturday was totally worth it, though, because we went to see Cagney off-broadway.  I haven’t been to the theater in years and it was a treat.  Front row seats!  We were so close to the actors we could see (but luckily avoided!) their spit.  To be fair, the music is not memorable from the show.  But the acting and dance numbers were great, loved how the show takes us back in time, especially with the tap-dancing. They may have just been a cast of six actors but they were all packed with talent.

Unfortunately, by the time we got home, I was feeling under the weather and that stayed through Sunday.  But we promised to try out my date night idea from the last Friday Social post: cook a meal together. So we compromised by hitting up Whole Foods for convenience’s sake.

We came back with:

  • mussels
  • brie
  • crescent rolls
  • shallots
  • raspberry lime jam
  • gnocchi

To be fair, we kinda had an idea beforehand of what we were in the mood to make. We had a hankering for baked brie and I love mussels but have never prepared them myself.  We were hoping that Whole Foods would have something for the brie pre-packaged in the freezer section that we could just toss in the oven and go.  But that wasn’t the case and we had to do a quick Google search on our phones to figure out how much effort baked brie was going to require.

Turns out, it’s not that hard.  We just needed to find pastry dough or crescent roll dough that comes in the cardboard cylinders, which Whole Foods thankfully does have.  When the recipe we found called for raspberry jam it was the perfect excuse to make a substitute with any of the delicious and diverse jam options greeting us in the cheese department.  The rhubarb and fig called out to me but ultimately we went with the raspberry lime jam.  We were not disappointed.

Sunday afternoons are when we usually cook for the week, so it wasn’t too out of the way to make a couple of special items for date night, or what ended up being a Sunday lunch date instead:

Mussels on Stovetop

The hardest thing about preparing mussels at home is making sure you buy fresh mussels and properly preserve them before you’re ready to cook, ideally same day.  The easy recipe we used can be found here

And this is how they turned out:

Hard to share these!

I’m looking forward to making these again and using a favorite beer instead of wine.  We completely forgot to buy crusty bread to soak up the juices.  That’s okay, though, because below was our appetizer:

Baked Brie with Jam

Yes, it’s just as delicious as it looks, totally made our day and we still have half left for the week.  So dangerous! We paired with crackers and beet chips.  Not so great with the beet chips for me.  You can find the recipe we used here.

We didn’t have time for the gnocchi because I wasn’t feeling well and needed to rest.  So we’ll save for next time and I’ll probably tweet that as an update.

After a two-hour nap we were back to work cooking for the week.  Very happy with how these turned out:

Roasted Carrots:

Inspired by lunch at the Barnes Museum last week, we tweaked the recipe above by adding shaved cheddar and a flavored balsamic vinaigrette we have on stock.  You can find the original recipe here.

Finally, also an inspiration from lunch in Philly, we created this version of stuffed eggplant:

Bobby wanted to try this Lebanese-style Stuffed Eggplant recipe but I wasn’t feeling up for it being sick and having already spent most of the day cooking.  So it’s also being tabled for another day.

Did we have fun? YES! Are we feeling proud of ourselves for trying new things and seeing the fruits of our labor? Double YES!

Try it out with your sweetheart and share your labor of love below!

Have a great week!

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