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You thought your work was done, right? Silly Rabbit.

All your hard work paid off. You made a great first impression at dinner with the desi parents. Where do you go from here?

Think you can just kick up your feet, sit back and expect magic to happen on its own? It won’t. Dinner introductions were just the tip of the iceberg.

To save your ship from sinking like the Titanic, here’s the #1 secret to make them love you: date the desi parents.

Yes, you heard right. To impress your sweetheart’s folks, I want you to court, swoon and otherwise charm the chai out of their tea cups.

Think about it: if you’re a guy, how did you win your special lady over in the first place? If you’re a girl, what extra lengths did you take to prove to your man how amazing you are? By putting the time in, giving 100% of yourself and showing what a benefit you could be in his or her life, that’s how!

So, how do you date the desi parents without being a pervert?

  1. Find fun activities to do together. Ask the desi parents out on a “date” about a week after the first dinner. Find out what they’d like to do beforehand. Take advantage of the season. If it’s summer, maybe a walk along the boardwalk. Winter? Perhaps a sleigh ride through Central Park. Concerts and movies are a perennial favorite. Whatever it is, ask them out and do it soon.
  2. Be helpful. Show the desi parents that you can be a valuable asset to them. Is there something in their house you could offer to fix? Are you computer/internet savvy? Could you get them organized in a snap? What’s easy for you to solve could be a huge obstacle for them, one they would be grateful for your help with.
  3. Show appreciation. Verbally thank them for all that they do for you, whether it’s their time or generosity. Desi parents love validation for their efforts, however small (who doesn’t, really?)
  4. Rinse and repeat. You need to make the desi parents a priority on a regular basis. It’s the only way you’ll establish a relationship with your partner’s folks while allowing yourself a chance to grow on them. Put the time in.

So what are you waiting for? If you wanna make the desi parents fall in love with you, pick up the phone and ask them out right now!


This is part five of my tutorial on how to amaze the desi parents

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