Happy New Year! I know, I know, I deserve a swift kick in the rear.  I’ve totally neglected this blog through the end of 2013.  I returned to traditional work and let my day job’s paranoia about social media paralyze me from writing at all.  Not cool for you or for me.  So here I am, once again trying to clear out the cob webs and get back on track.

I’m sure this situation resonates with many of you.  We all fall off the band wagon time and again.  Well, the start of the new year is always a great motivator and energizer to renew our commitments to ourselves.  The challenge is to stick with them past January (or the first week of the year!).  My goal in 2014 is to help you and me stay committed to our goals.

Not only did the end of last year see my return to earning a steady pay check but it also marked my first attempt at National Novel Writing Month and the adoption of my sweet new dog, Bono – both accomplishments I am proud of.  For 2014, these are my top goals:

1) Lose weight and get toned.  I know, I’m SO original.  I’d love to get back to the shape I was in during my 20s ASAP and I’m determined to do so.

2) Write every week.  Specifically, I want to make progress on this blog and my fiction-writing.  At least one blog post a week here and some not-yet-specified amount towards creative writing.  TBD.

As you can see, my goals are simple and still a work in progress and that’s okay.  They still provide direction.

What are your goals this year?  Is it to find someone special?  Is it to end a toxic relationship?  Is it to explore the dating scene and in the process learn more about what defines you?  I plan to share whatever insights I can to help you with all of these and more.  If you don’t have any resolutions yet, take five minutes and come up with one.  Don’t be scared that you’ll fail before you start.  There’s no such thing as failure, only data giving us information on how to continue moving forward.  The only time you truly fail is by not trying at all.

Please share your resolutions below. and let’s all help keep each other motivated in 2014!

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