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Having loads of fun can be exhausting!

That’s just what’s been happening since Danny came to town last week.  On his longest visit to NYC yet to present at a conference, we’ve been keeping ourselves busy running all over Manhattan!

Flamenco at New York City Center

As an early birthday treat for me, Danny bought us tickets to a flamenco performance at the New York City Center.  We were not disappointed.  It was powerful, musical, beautiful and seductive.  It left me wanting more.  This visiting group from Spain was a small ensemble, no frills and all talent.

The Met

Then we spent all-day Saturday on the Upper East Side.  We started off at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of my favorite spots during high school and college.  My best friend and I would always hang out in the East and South Asian sections, which is a shame because I missed out on the rest of the universe that is The Met.

So Danny and I went through medieval art, European paintings and sculptures and my new favorite, Art of the Arab Lands.


It was so peaceful, I found myself scheming to make this spot a new study location! (What am I studying for?)


Typical welcoming room


Prayer niche…or my new reading niche!

Roosevelt House

I could easily have spent another two hours at the museum but we had get going for our tour at the Roosevelt House.

Room where FDR interviewed potential cabinet appointees and practiced walking before a major public appearance.

The Roosevelts lived in Manhattan for many years, including when he won the presidential election.  None of the original furniture is still here and the property was bought by CUNY Hunter College as soon as FDR put the double townhouses on the market…for $60K.

Being inside FDR’s home was chilling because it paints a vivid picture of what being in his presence would look like.  The fireplaces are the original ones from when he and his family still lived there.  The tour provided footage of FDR in each of the rooms we visited and by chance I ended up sitting in the exact spot where he gave his first speech – in front of the fireplace below – after winning the 1932 election!


I won’t pretend to be an expert on Franklin D. Roosevelt but I’m fascinated by the past, how people were and what they knew and when they knew it.  Everyone today knows that FDR had polio, so I assumed everyone back then knew it, too.

They didn’t.  The country was kept in secret about his illness to avoid what a president appearing weak would mean for the country.  AND THE PRESS, OUT OF RESPECT FOR HIM, KEPT HIS SECRET.

What a different world we live in now.  Granted, FDR was a president worth respecting, but I digress 🙂

Signatures of members of the House of Representatives (left) and Senate (right) supporting FDR’s bid for re-election

Above is a rare original that you will get to see on the tour.  Can you imagine a candidate today able to gather that many signatures across party lines?

Inspired? YES! I left the tour wanting to add an FDR biography to my reading list.  And make another trip to DC soon to visit the National Portrait Gallery.

We ended the day with dinner at Cull & Pistol, a raw bar at Chelsea Market that made me so happy!

I am not a hard woman to please 😉

That’s it for now, folks!  It’s late-March Blizzard Day and I’m on a role with productivity.  But Danny’s still in town and I have to tell you about our evening at the United Nations.  Also, what the devil am I studying for?

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