Human Traffic Jam

How many of you LOVE your job?  When you’re shoving fellow commuters to get to the office, is it because you can’t wait for what’s in store today?

My guess is no.

I’ve spent the last six years working as an administrative professional in the for-profit sector.  Not only am I in a completely different industry from where I planned to be, I’m also in an occupation I’m over-qualified for.

I’ve been pigeon-holed and have no good reason to be optimistic.   Human Resources functions like a robot: for each job opening, they only consider candidates who have done the exact same role very recently.

Administrative assistant work begets more administrative assistant work.

United Nations

Women & the New Urban Agenda Panel at UN

I’ve told Bobby about the funk I’m in and he’s encouraged me to explore my old passions again.

So I went to the United Nations two weeks ago.  Working at the UN was my dream job, it’s why I majored in political science.  The Summit on the Status of Women was taking place in New York, I found some free events open to the public and took my best friend with me. We had the pleasure of hearing Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, Amina J. Mohammed, speak at the panel on Women’s Role in the New Urban Agenda.

Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, Amina J. Mohammed – Photo by Priya Marie

It felt nice to be in this environment again, like meeting an old friend.

Unfortunately, what also felt familiar was the sense of stagnation.  No genuine debates for progress and action.  These were prepared remarks by experts who are having conversations past each other rather than with one another.  Their Q&A sessions, while informative, spoke more to what and why instead of how.

Would I still attend panels at the UN? Yes, because I miss being connected to the field.

Do I still want to pursue this as a career? No, because I realize its limitations, especially with how it’s managed.

IT Certifications

My next option for career advancement is certifications.  Bobby has encouraged this route, too, and I’ve decided to prepare for a few non-tech IT certifications.  Worst case scenario: I learn information and get a certificate.  Best case scenario: I could land a more stimulating role with greater responsibilities and challenges.

The first exam is for a project manager certification and I’m excited!  The role requires skills that I find myself naturally drawn to at work, like helping teams across departments manage time, scope and schedules or how to motivate managers disinterested in project to buy-in.

Am I optimistic that a project manager certification will land me that job? NOPE!  But at least I’m trying! I’m aiming to take the exam next month so if you see fewer posts, you know why.

But I’m not stopping there!  I’m looking at some other exams, like certifications in IT governance or security policy and compliance.  Because why not?  There’s no harm.

Life & Style

March has been busy!  I mentioned that Danny was here for a week.  His conference wrapped up with a banquet at Miss Korea that I got to attend.  We stuffed ourselves silly with sake, kimchee and barbecue.

Then my friends from Pittsburgh were in town to cheer on those who were running the NYC Half Marathon.  Our runners all broke personal records this year.  The weather was miraculously cooperative.

I was jealous.  I had the honor of completing the NYC Half in 2015.

2015 NYC Half Marathon Medal

My race was cold, gray and windy and I’m sure I started to go into hypothermia soaked in sweat while commuting home on public transportation.

Never again.

To celebrate our group’s’ hard work and accomplishments, we met for brunch at Osteria Cotta.  I declined bottomless brunch but our waitress conveniently forgot and I may have gotten refills that I shouldn’t have. So yes, this place is a new favorite!

Pancetta & Asiago Omelette – Photo by Priya Marie

In other news, I refreshed my red hair this weekend and I adore it!

I’ll be going darker for the wedding but have found a compromise that may allow me to keep some of this burgundy.  Yes, I’ll post pics!

Speaking of wedding, we have a problem!

I don’t want to get into the details but the short story is that we still haven’t found THE dress yet.  I’m on the hunt again but that means I still get to share the journey with you! Follow me on Twitter, Instagram and of course, my newsletter.

Otherwise, life is simple home on the ranch.  I’m keeping my weekends well-rounded with errands, hobbies and studying and Bobby’s keeping me entertained by throwing parsley in my water when I’m not looking.

I love him.

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