Lloyd ordered that I be fired without warning.

Lloyd forbade Bobby from having any contact with me because Lloyd needed Bobby to procure evidence after the fact to cover up the wrongful discharge termination that Lloyd himself ordered.

Lloyd made Bobby sign a non-disclosure agreement.  Lloyd trapped Bobby in a contract he couldn’t get out of.

Lloyd told Bobby to forget about me.

For 19 months, Lloyd decided that Bobby and I could not have a relationship with each other.

For 19 months, Lloyd decided that I could not have a relationship with our daughters.

For 19 months, Lloyd decided that we could not grow our family.

By firing me without warning, Lloyd decided that the personal lives of his employees do not matter, that he is above the law and his employees are disposable.

Lloyd is unimpressive.  Because he suffers from a Napoleon Complex and that is predictable…and utterly boring.

Lloyd is foolish because:

  • He underestimated the sentiments and intentions Bobby and I had for one another
  • He calculated incorrectly that we would not have overcome the obstacles
  • He did not foresee how the balance of power could shift against him

Lloyd is pathetic because all of the above reveals that he has never experienced love in his life.  He would not have made such a blunder otherwise.

Within weeks of my being fired, the tide began to turn against him: more bad publicity for a company with an already notorious reputation, calls for his resignation and a steady decline in performance.

Karma is a market response.

But hey, at least he beat cancer.  Way to go, Lloyd.

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