Photo by dragonflaiii
Photo by dragonflaiii

Feeling overwhelmed lately? I sure am.

I’m stressed out, guys. Taking the summer off has been really nice so far. I’ve been on top of my blog, which was the goal. But now as I look to September and finding a paying job, I find myself dreading the prospects. I’ve been applying to jobs that I’m better qualified for but there’s no response, triggering my anxiety from the last time I did this. I’m scared that I’m going to be stuck doing admin work for the rest of my life. It’s a dead-end job, one where I can’t leave my desk without notifying someone first (because God forbid the phones went to voicemail), and I spend 10 hours a day doing nothing. It doesn’t help that the recruiters are silent when I ask about better job prospects but are ready to snatch me up if I suggest doing more part-time admin work.

I do feel like the world (or the economy) is against me. I feel stuck, overwhelmed, I can’t think straight and it’s now keeping me from moving forward on everything: the blog, cleaning, getting out of bed.

My guess is, we’ve all felt this way at some time. The crippling fear of failure that keeps us from moving forward. Here are some resources I’ve found that might be helpful for all of us:

1. Overcoming a Fear of Failure (

2. Decision Tree Analysis (

3. Thought Awareness, Rational Thinking and Positive Thinking (

Are you stuck in a funk? Let me know if these resources help ease your anxiety.

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