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I’ve been gone so long this time that I feel like someone should have written me a four-page letter, tossed all my belongings into the front yard and changed the locks. See, what had happened was:

  • I got side-tracked with the job search back in March with a hopeful lead that ended up not happening. I got really sad about it and lost motivation to do anything, really.
  • Then news came that I had done really well on that interview and the same group would be hiring for two more positions this summer. I applied and got my hopes up again.
  • Once again, I was not made a job offer. This time I got so sad I didn’t even cry.

But I started running in April after cheering on a friend at a half-marathon in the city. It was loads of fun. So I signed up for my first race in June: a 10K. I learned that the organization that hosted the race (New York Road Runners) also hosts the NYC Marathon and offers a program to get guaranteed admission to next year’s marathon if I complete nine qualifying races this year.

So I signed up for nine races, all fairly easy, ranging from one to five miles.

Then I signed up for a ten-mile race in September and am now considering a half-marathon in October. No, I don’t really know what I’m doing.

I’ve been running a lot and it’s been fun, challenging and rewarding. Aside from newbie injuries like side stitches, shin splints and a swollen knee, there are psychological games that your mind plays during the race – a challenge that’s always rewarded by crossing the finish line.

Just like life.

Plus, I know that completing each race brings me closer to the 2015 NYC Marathon finish line; something every true New Yorker should cross at least once in a lifetime.

Did I mention these races are fun? The energy from the crowd and the encouragement from volunteers and spectators remind me of this city’s strong spirit that I thought was lost. I love it.

All of this is to say that I haven’t been writing but I’m trying to pick it up again. What running has reminded me is that you need activities in your life that bring you happiness, success and a sense of accomplishment to mitigate those times when you try hard and don’t succeed. Anyone with a goal knows that we fail often on the path to success. But we can’t let those failures define us.

Writing makes me happy. Running races makes me happy. Getting back into the shape I was when I was in my 20s would make me VERY happy.

Speaking of relationships, I’m planning to shift the blog into second gear, discussing common challenges and innovative solutions once we’re past the dating stage and things get serious. Plus, I’m going to be discussing potential blurred lines (no pun intended) that modern couples are straddling and the benefits and pitfalls that may arise.

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