Nine months and one day ago, I started this blog. It’s gone through numerous evolutions but is still just growing. In order for me to keep my content relevant to you, it’s time to pose a reader question: how can I make A Desi New Yorker (ADNY) more useful for you?

While I have my ideas on what topics I’d like to cover, I find it limiting to lead the discussion. However, I will provide some general questions to get the ball rolling. Here are some categories you might want to comment on:

  • Topics – is there anything specifically or generally that you’d like to me to cover within the next few months? What are the main issues that you’re facing as a first-generation South Asian in NY or the US? What would you like to learn about or what areas would you like to see more personal growth in for 2013?
  • Post types – What format do you like the most/least? Advice, stories, short lists, how-to’s, case studies, tutorials, guest posts, etc.
  • Frequency – too many, too few, or just right?
  • Design – Do you find the current theme easy or difficult to work with? What would you like to change? What would you like to stay the same?
  • Blog Features – Is there anything that you think would make your reader experience better?
  • Community – This blog is still in its infant stages so I”m still building a subscriber list. Do you want to be able to connect with other readers? Are there features you want added to help you better connect?
  • Services/Tools – what could A Desi New Yorker offer you to help your development?
  • What frustrates you about ADNY? What do you love about it?
  • Other ideas or feedback– anything you’d like to add can go here, big or small.

I welcome all feedback, suggestions and ideas you have to share. I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to respond to every comment, but I’ll try. I do promise to read everything you have to say. Criticisms are welcome but I do ask that you be honest, courteous and constructive.

Your turn! Feel free to post your comments below or email me privately through the Contact page.


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