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Promised and delivered! Photos and videos from last Wednesday’s events right here!

In my last post on March 8th, International Women’s Day and “A Day Without a Woman” – the general women’s strike felt around the globe – I shared my story about why I and the women who came before me have protested for our rights.  Two marches were held in NYC that day and I had the opportunity to attend the evening event based out of Washington Square Park.

Here’s what you missed.

Rally in Washington Square Park

The organizers were great about sharing the program with the public beforehand and I’m impressed with how well they stayed on schedule.  4pm kick-off, 5:30pm march with the route mapped out for all to join.

When I showed up at a quarter to 5pm, the party was well under way:

Since my baseline experience with a march was the mammoth event on January 21st, the day after inauguration, I couldn’t help but compare Wednesday’s women’s strike to the women’s march on Washington.

Wednesday’s march was huge but still manageable.  Not getting stuck in human traffic jams automatically made this a better experience.  The weather also cooperated so we could be outdoors almost indefinitely.  While the January march on Washington was better organized with celebrity speakers, the Washington Square march gave us a variety of activists reflecting current issues: migrants, indigenous groups and refugees from Muslim countries.

There were technical difficulties that were annoying.  But when you realize that all support and equipment were provided by volunteers, it just speaks to the dedication and commitment among all of us to make this event possible and have our voices heard.

And oh how satisfying it was to ROAR!

March for Women’s Rights

We finally got moving at 6pm, thirty minutes behind schedule but not too bad.  There was a long list of speakers and though the crowd was getting impatient, it was important that everyone invited to speak and who made the sacrifice to come out be heard.

What a beautiful day!

Fortunately, when it was time for the crowd to form, Washington Square Park has multiple exit points that minimized bottle-necking.  We were easily out on the streets within minutes, chanting with signs.

Starting from NYU

 Energized and empowered are the best ways to describe what it felt like to be marching and shouting with my fellow New Yorkers, mostly millennials.  We were angry about the same things.  We were strangers who supported each other.  When one person leading a shout got tired, someone else picked up and kept going.  When one person wanted to start a new chant, others weren’t afraid to get loud and support the cause.

If you’re someone who thinks that protesting, rallies and marches don’t make a difference, I urge you to reconsider.  As someone who has attended two of these events now, I can tell you that the marches are empowering experiences to draw strength from. To exercise your civic duty with like-minded individuals.  To collaborate and continue the cause in new and more powerful forms.

Like this one.

The Ides of Trump, March 15th

Missed the march and wish you could have taken part? Well, you still can!

Some protesters were passing around pink postcards at the rally saying “YOU’RE FIRED!” with the White House address on them. They are part of a campaign to flood Trump with postcards on March 15th, the Ides of March.  In history, it is the day Julius Caesar was assassinated in the Senate and, therefore, a day known for bad omens and doom.

Protesters are asking that the postcards be mailed to Trump at the White House no later than March 15th.

Where can you get one?  Right here!  I made one for you:

Download postcard to print for FREE!

No excuses! I’ll share my version before mailing this Wednesday.  Be sure to keep an eye out for it on Twitter.

One love.

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