IT’S FINALLY HERE! A review of my top three gowns for our elopement!  All under $500, purchased online, and of course, ideal for the South Asian woman’s hourglass figure.

Adrianna Papell | Aubergine

This was the first option I selected back in December.  Bobby pressured me to buy something just before New Year’s.  It took me two hours of perusing Bloomingdales and Nordstrom online before I finally pulled the plug on this number.  Because purple is my favorite color and I LOVED the Grecian-style skirt.  Also, I was prioritizing a purchase that I could re-use, you know, for something like our anniversary dinners. It also came in at around $275.

The dress fit beautifully.  The skirt looks like it was tailored for me, just a complete dream.  However, the reviews did warn me that this gown was ridiculously long.  It’s cut to look like you’re floating rather than walking with each step. It picked up Bono’s white hair like a Swiffer duster. It also meant that it was a safety hazard even with my 4-inch heels AND after hemming 3 inches off the length.  Tailoring and dry-cleaning ended up being another $90. Also, the top felt matronly to me.  Bobby and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to modernize it.  I would have had to go with a pin-straight, flat-iron hairstyle to make this work.

Eventually, I realized that it didn’t feel wedding enough for me and that mattered.  So we looked into accessories like crystal headpieces on  A lot of effort went into trying to make this dress work but by March/April, I decided that the dress on our special day needed to be white.  I still love this gown and am glad I own it.  It will be used for something! As a wedding guest, for black-tie fundraiser galas, our anniversary dinners, etc.

Betsy and Adam | Strapless High-Low Gown with Gold Trim

I don’t remember if I searched Lord & Taylor properly in December but over Easter weekend, I took advantage of the sale when I found this:

Bobby’s favorite!


I was attracted to it immediately: simple and unique at the same time.  The lace gold hem sold me.  It was originally $319 but with the weekend discount I got it for $209!!! God, I love a deal.

It was ivory so I got what I wanted and Bobby was now rooting for a strapless gown, so he got what he wanted.  It’s a gorgeous dress.  And it fits…but not as well as I’d like it to.

It’s a little bit tighter in the torso than I’d like it to be and I don’t think the strapless neckline is the most flattering for me. I’ll admit that I’m nitpicking a little here.  I do love that it lets me show off my shoes and my new tat.

Shoes, by the way, will be the hot pink heels.  Bobby decided.  And yes, Bobby has seen me in every single one of these gowns because he never leaves my bedroom! I’ve tried, folks…

The dress also seems too modern, a bit edgier than my normal style.  Not necessarily a bad thing but the bottom line was that I was not 100% comfortable in it.  If we tried to come up with ideas to tweak it for comfort, then it started to feel like my wedding dress from my previous marriage and that’s a deal breaker for me.

I still have the tags on and half a mind to return it.  But I have become attached to it and because it’s high-low, it’s informal enough to wear for a fancy date night.  I am most likely keeping this dress.

Adrianna Papell | White Trumpet Gown

Then while I was waiting for my flight back to NYC from my trip to Miami last week, I found this dress on my phone at Lord & Taylor:

It was the first time I came across a dress on any of these sites that looked like a legit wedding dress for under $500.  I’m familiar with the brand and love it.  Most importantly, it matched all the qualities I was looking for and loved in my favorite dress.

The dress fits perfectly off the rack.  I look phenomenal in it and it covers all my trouble spots while accentuating my many assets.  The problem is that it’s common and a little boring.  I also wish the material around the trumpet portion had a different print.  But it was only $239!

Back to the Drawing Board?

Since Bobby’s favorite and my favorite don’t exactly line up, I told him if he wants a different wedding dress for me, something unique with pizzazz, then he’s going to have to pay for it.  And he said, “Deal!”

So I put together a short list for him on Pinterest that I think will meet both of our preferences.  You can check out the board here.  Yes, it seems like we would be aiming for a Sophia Tolli gown outside of what’s currently in my closet.

Got an opinion? I bet you do! Drop me a line and let me know which option you think I should go with.

Because sometimes the dress is harder to choose than the groom!

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