A long time ago, when we were both married to other people, Bobby almost kissed me.

Bobby and I were less than acquaintances back then, not even at chit-chat stage.  It happened late one night when we arrived in the elevator bank simultaneously.  When he approached me and I said hello, my breath wreaked of alcohol.  I realized this and tried to distance myself from him.

I went to push the elevator button.  As I was doing so, Bobby circled back and leaned toward my face for another whiff.  At first, I didn’t understand what he was doing.  All I saw were his beautiful lips coming towards me. It was 9pm and his head was tilted at such an angle that it looked like he was going to kiss me.

Anyone else and I would have been repulsed.  But with Bobby, my face softened and I thought, “You should probably ask me to dinner first!” That made me smile and I rolled my eyes.  A second later, Bobby realized what he was doing, gasped and pulled away.

And that’s when reality hit me because WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED???

We were saved by the elevator’s arrival.  We each took the furthest corners and began the awkward descent in silence.  He glanced at me once, as if to ask, “Are we doing small talk?” And I made a face in response to say, “Obviously! How much weirder do you want to make this?!”

He said words, I said words back. When we finally reached the lobby, he held the doors open and barked, “Have a good night!”

I sprinted out of there and only looked back when I was confident there was enough distance.  What I saw made my heart sink.  The sadness on his face was so deep, if we hadn’t been in public, I’m convinced he would have cried.  I felt like I had somehow hurt him and it disturbed me.

Heart wrenching, but it’s one of my favorite memories of us.  We are fortunate to have some gems that we can treasure.  It’s a powerful way for us to stay connected.

If it’s been a while since you’ve taken a trip down memory lane with your partner, this weekend is a good time remember how you met.  Was it at a cafe? What were you wearing? What did you order? If you can, take the opportunity to re-create the scene.

Nowruz Update!

We spent most of last weekend making eggs.  The wooden ones came late so we started with hard-boiled eggs and acrylic paint.  But I had no patience waiting for the base coats to dry so my results were messy.

For the second round,  Bobby convinced me to try eggshells with the yolks removed.  And okay, I got smart and bought the Paas kits.  Here are our results!

Colored Eggs for Nowruz 2017

And our Haft Sin table!

Haft Sin Table


Don’t forget, next weekend is Sizdah Bedar!  If you’re looking for modern or well-crafted picnic gear, I want to share these now:

Wicker Basket for Two

Picnic Backpack

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Make a note of the elevator story because it’s going to be important when I finally share my version of what happened on Halloween 2015 😉

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