Flickr Photo by Pauline Kletti
Flickr Photo by Pauline Kletti


Happy Friday, everyone!  I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine and low humidity in the NYC area.  This weekend is supposed to be perfect for fireworks as we gear up for Independence Day.

At headquarters, Bono and I love our daily walks.  But dog walks + warm weather = fleas.  Even with monthly preventive medication, it’s normal to see the occasional parasite on your furry friend.  Still, it grosses me out.  I am sanitizing all of our mutual bedding as I edit this post.

For those who are itching instead to make a love connection, let me share my light bulb moment from a few weeks ago: weekend brunch as a meet up spot.

Has this not been done before?

Right up there with checking out the SpaceX website and playing Sudoku, women love to spend their weekend brunching with their girlfriends.

Any given Sunday, you can have your pick of restaurants offering bottomless brunches.  Hungry, thirsty women will flock to them in hordes to be satiated with gossip, comfort food and booze.  Most importantly, these women will be in a good mood and relaxed.  Their defenses will be down creating the perfect opportunity to establish a connection.

The Single Guy’s Guide to Macking it at Brunch

It’s easy.  First, find a popular bottomless brunch location in the city and bring a friend.  Calle Ocho and Lido are great options.  Consider grabbing a spot at the bar and scoping out the area.  I promise there will be at least two all-female tables with single ladies.  You know I’m underestimating here.

The most seamless way to approach is for you and your friend get a table next to these women.  That way, you have a legitimate reason to be close to them and make conversation.  Wait until they start laughing loudly, it won’t take long. Now they have drawn attention to themselves making it easy for you to interject.

You can say something like, “Happy Sunday, ladies!  Congrats on making it to the weekend!”  Make sure you’re smiling.

You just toasted to them.  This is exactly why they are here.  They will love that you’re acknowledging the fact that they ended another crappy week dealing with incompetent co-workers and clueless managers with a workload meant for three people.  Weekend brunch is absolutely a celebration.  They will most likely respond with a “Woo!” clink glasses and gulp down mimosas.

If you’re lucky and these women start making conversation with you right away, engage and keep it going.

If they don’t immediately start talking, that’s okay.  Turn your attention back to the menu.  Make conversation with your buddy.  Don’t come across as too interested yet.  You might spook them.

After a minute or so, interrupt again.  Ask them what they would recommend from the menu because you’ve never been here before (I don’t care if all the waiters know you by your first name and which hot sauce you like with your eggs.  You have never been here before!).  Ask them what they are ordering.  By the way, your name is ____  and extend your hand.

Boom! You’re in.

These women are here to eat good food.  At least one of them would have dined at this restaurant before.  They wouldn’t come back unless they liked the food (and the bottomless brunch).  They are going to enjoy talking about their favorite dishes.

But Priya, you may ask, how will I know if they are single?

  • Check their fingers. Do they have a ring on it?  No?  Then they are single.
  • Take a minute to listen in on their conversation. If they are with someone then their men will come up one way or another.  It could be as simple as mentioning what their guy is doing right now or as extensive as a full-on gripe-fest about how he fails to meet her expectations in the relationship.
  • Even if the ladies are in a relationship, they are bound to have single friends. If you impress them here, they are going to want to recommend you to their friends (or save your number for themselves as a “just in case”).  Bring your business cards.

How do you impress them?

  • Don’t be an ass. That means don’t ask provoking, leading questions that are meant to get a rise out of them.  Where do you guys get this advice from anyway?  Be nice!
  • Mind the cursing.
  • Be confident. Is your voice shaky when you deliver your lines?  Are you frowning?  Do you appear nervous? Practice with your friends beforehand but make sure you don’t come across as too smooth.  SMILEHave fun and stop worrying about the outcome.  Confidence is a big turn on for the ladies, so take your time here.

Go forth and break fast.  Then come back and tell me how it goes!  Was it a success?  Were there hiccups?  Let me help you!  Comment below or email me at


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