There’s a blizzard on its way to the Northeast. Times Square is expected to be powdered with at least a foot of snow, last I heard. The weather forecast is changing by the hour. I’m bunkered downtown at work praying they might show mercy and not keep us here until the dreadful hour of 7pm. Cross your fingers for me!

In the meantime, how is one supposed to get out there and meet someone when we’re all being asked to stay safe indoors? Even after this storm lets up by Saturday morning, the roads won’t be cleared for hours. Your best bet for getting out of the house will be Sunday.

The solution: online dating.

Don’t start a panic attack.  Online dating is awesome because you have so much control over it. It’s not the worst thing in the world. In fact, There are plenty of sites out there:,,, – the list goes on and on. My expertise is eHarmony, so I’ll speak to that.

I like eHarmony because I feel like it’s thorough. There is a detailed personality assessment that you have to answer for them to match you with potential dates that are most compatible with you. When you first complete it, you’ll probably get matched with ten people a day for about a week…but then it slows down. Also, you can’t see anyone’s pictures or communicate with them unless you pay for the membership.

You can get a discount on the membership by calling up and explaining you’re a student/financial hardship, etc. They’ll offer you a 3 month membership for $20.  Let me be honest, I would delete matches immediately if I didn’t find them attractive.  If you wouldn’t have approached that person or let them approach you if you had met them by alternative methods, there’s no reason why you should compromise here.  Be critical, especially if it will make it easier to accept online dating at all.

Let’s consider this a first how-to post for online dating. In the meantime, sign up this weekend for an online dating site and spent some time perusing the options. It’s a great way to keep cabin fever at bay this weekend.

Happy searching and stay warm!

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