Flickr Photo by Wally Slowik Jr
Flickr Photo by Wally Slowik Jr


Good Morning!

This weekend is the kick off for the New York Renaissance Faire, it’s 39th season!  Travel back in time to the Golden Age of England.  Jousting, acrobatics, fire eating and swordplay can all be enjoyed in this recreated Medieval village. They have over 200 costumed actors, 125 performances on 20 different stages across 65 acres of forest.

The last time I attended the Renaissance Faire, I was still in high school.  I unfortunately went with my parents, specifically dad, who has no interest in these things and won’t hold back from letting you know the entire time.  So I’m really glad that I can go by myself, guarantee to be in good company and see how much it’s evolved in about 20 years.

Check out the link above for the full list of events, themed weekends, tickets and coupons. The website claims that you can’t see everything at the faire in one day.  Estimate for about 5 hours to see most of the main attractions to leave room for shopping (read: money trap but still fun stuff!).

You’re welcome to come in costume or not.  There’s also an option to rent costumes at the faire with adult costume prices ranging from $18-65.  I’m happy to say that I do own a Medieval costume from a themed Sweet Sixteen I attended back in high school.  Unfortunately, like most of my fun things, they’re still in storage at my parents’ house…as are the pictures!

Ticket prices for the Renaissance Faire are regularly $25 but you can get a discount here at Goldstar or on the faire’s website if you sign up for their mailing list.  The event runs through October 2nd and advance ticket purchases can be used on any date of the season.

Doors open at 10am.  It’s a 45-minute drive from the George Washington Bridge.  They have a preferred parking lot near the entrance with a $10 fee but the website mentions free parking areas that are further away.  There is also direct public bus transportation from the Port Authority via Shortline.  Click here for more details.

Let me know which weekend you’re going, maybe I’ll come join you!

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