Flickr Photo by anoldent
Flickr Photo by anoldent


Winter is coming.

Can you believe we’re half way through the summer? I’m not happy about that.  I certainly have not done nearly enough to enjoy the season.  But I hope all of you have either made the most of the July 4th slow down or have plans for the end of August leading up to Labor Day.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to cool down but don’t want to hit the road or get wet, consider a cruise on the Hudson River.

Manhattan by Sail

This company operates two boat tours, Clipper City out of The Battery and Shearwater out of the marina by the Millennium Tower.  They each have about three sails daily.  Their most popular sailboat tours are the Sunset Sail,  their craft beer and wine tasting tours and a champagne brunch sail.  I believe the Sunset Sail is offered daily and the wine and beer tastings are offered each weekend.  They’ve also added something new: a lobster and beer lovers sail.

The wine and beer tasting tours tend to sell out a week in advance.  I don’t know when they started the lobster lovers sail but this coming Tuesday’s tour is already sold out.  The next lobster and beer lovers sail is scheduled for Wednesday, August 2nd and as of this writing, it is not sold out.  You can find the full schedule of sails here.  Prices range from $50-95, depending on how much food is being offered.  A bit pricey but I think the unique experience is worth it.

Boats are great because they’re large, so you can find yourself with around 20-40 other people with at least 1-2 groups of single people.  Add the ambience and some drinks and you’ve got a prime setting to make magic.  Mind how much you drink, though.  Slurred speech and rude language are a big turn off.

Let me know how it goes!  Book a sail and then come back here and let us know what you liked.  Or you can email me at


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