Photo by Priya Marie
Photo by Priya Marie


Busy week? It sure has been for me.  I found myself running around the greater-NY area a bit more than usual.  So I’m definitely looking forward to slowing things down over the weekend and maybe getting out of town for a bit.

If you’re in the same boat, then I want to recommend the Hudson Valley Hikers group on  They claim to be the largest meet up group on the website, boasting 20,000 members.  I love that my inbox gets inundated from them with a wide variety of activities.  They can range from as small as 2 people asking for more to join or as large as 30+.

Taking a look right now, they’ve got 93 events coming up.  Events can be as far away as the Adirondacks or as nearby as a grabbing drinks after work on West Street.

If you’re looking to meet someone new who loves the outdoors as much as you do, take a look.  Then come back and let us know which trails you found the best!

Have a great weekend!

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