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No excuses! Time and money are no objects if you’re looking for an international trip.

Last weekend, I was telling Bobby about the beach town in Kerala were my father’s family is from and how much I wish I could take him there. I’ve only been to India four times in my life and, considering my entire extended family still lives there, that’s not much.  Plus, you need at least two weeks to make the most of the trip.  Getting that much PTO approved from work can be difficult.

That’s when I remembered: Google Maps! We could virtually transport ourselves to the streets of this beach village minus the hassle!

Was he able to get the velvet sand stuck between his toes?  Could he feel the warm breeze from the ocean?  Did he get to drink water straight from a coconut freshly cut from a tree? No, but he could still get a feel of what walking along the shore or traveling down the dirt roads would be like.


It’s 2017 but this town’s charm has withstood the test of time. Forget dirt roads, it’s still a lot of sand getting around.

That won’t last long with new laws but Mararikulam remains a quiet, fishermen village.  The majority of today’s residents are descendants of the families that used to work for ours under the outdated feudal system.

Traditional Fishing Boat

It was a coconut plantation and that was the family business until my grandfather decided to be a trailblazer.  He was the first person from the family to leave home, went to the city to get an education and eventually became the Minister of Education for Kerala in the 1950s.

Family Parish
Family Home

Except for my dad’s cousin who still lives in the home with his wife, the entire family has relocated globally.  But we still own land here and I do hope to build a small cottage one day.

Visit Mararikulam, Paris or Cuzco this weekend!  Open Google Maps and explore a city you’ve been dying to visit with your partner.  Take a virtual sightseeing tour and let it inspire you to brainstorm your next real vacation together!

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