Can I digress first?

I need to gush: I’ve had this entire week off from work and it’s been DIVINE! If my alarm went off at 5:30am, it was to catch Amtrak for a day-trip far away from my cubicle and the never-ending stack of invoices that people keep tossing my way.

Sometimes being competent is a curse…

I’ve caught up on sleep and exercise.  I’ve spent quality time with my boys.  I picked up a new hobby and became inspired by art and history.  I’ve also updated my resume and re-engaged with various job-search strategies, including a job fair this evening.  I’ve signed up for some free events at the United Nations coming up in the next few weeks for the Commission on the Status of Women that I’m ecstatic about.  Looking forward to reconnecting with a field I’ve been passionate about for decades.

My bestie from Florida will be in town this month for his longest stay in New York ever so I want to prioritize broadening his exposure to the city beyond the traditional touristy stuff. That being said, we’re still looking at a heavy list of live performances:

Flamenco Festival

Drunk Shakespeare

Beatles Tribute at B.B. King

A Bronx Tale: The Musical

I’ll come back and give my review if we decide to attend any of the above.

Meanwhile, this week has also been about enjoying the simple pleasures in life.

Day Trip to Philly

“I Am Beautiful” Sculpture by Rodin – Photo by Priya Marie

Did you know there is a Rodin Museum in Philadelphia? And here I was thinking that the closest I was going to get to his sculptures was in Paris! It warmed my heart to be surrounded by the beauty of his creations for the first time.

“Eternal Springtime” Sculpture by Rodin – Photo by Priya Marie


“Damned Women” Sculpture by Rodin – Photo by Priya Marie


I also visited the Barnes Museum just next door with a robust collection of works from Impressionist artists, especially Renoir.  I had a field day in their gift shop and picked up some activity books and coloring projects for the girls that they might enjoy…sans Rodin, of course!  Maybe in ten years.

In addition to beauty, Philly offered inspiration by reminding us of history we take for granted:

Photo by Priya Marie

We cannot make informed, meaningful decisions about contemporary politics without first understanding what our founding fathers created and built with the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution.

Photo by Priya Marie

You’ll be hearing more about that from me in future So Nasty! posts so stay tuned!

Liberty Bell – Photo by Priya Marie

Simple Pleasures

While Philly was rejuvenating, it was also exhausting!  I intentionally turned my alarm clock off the following morning so I could sleep in, indulge a little bit.  Unfortunately, that’s one of the few things Bobby doesn’t really let me do.  I think I managed to sleep until 9am the next morning and that’s it.

I get it, he wants to spend time with me awake and also make sure I make the most use of my time for me, even if it’s my vacation.  But sometimes I need to be a goddamn lazy bum! We’re working on the compromise here…

To some degree, we’ve still had lazy days together.  After the museums in Philly, I felt a strong need to get creative using my hands.  So this is what happened:

Photo by Priya Marie

Yep, I’m taking it back to elementary school.  I’ve become a little bit addicted to making these friendship bracelets.  The completed ones took less than 30 minutes each to finish.  However, the chevron print is tedious and time-consuming.  I still enjoy it, though.  Seeing the design form is the reward.  What’s nice is that I can open a playlist in iTunes, cuddle up in bed and Bobby and I can hang together.  At least, that’s how I see it…

Simple pleasures!  Don’t worry, Bobby, this is just a phase, I’m sure!

We also got to work on a small project together, albeit unexpectedly.  I say unexpectedly because Bobby was never invited.  He kinda just inserted himself into my resume revamp.

I was talking to him about how I didn’t have a format of my resume that would have represented me well at the tech start up job fair that I went to on Thursday.  So while I completely reworked the format and tailored the content, Bobby provided his unsolicited editorial comments.

I want to make it very clear that I greatly appreciate his input.  However, did my resume need to be subjected to the same scrutiny and nuance that an analyst report potentially affecting the stock market would? No. Sometimes being done is more important than being perfect.

And my floral print lounge wear does not a suit make 😉

Cook a Unique Meal Together

Complaints aside, I’ve enjoyed hanging out with Bobby doing the seemingly mundane.  We’ve still got a few more days left before I get sucked into the vortex that is the NYC labor force on Monday.  Before that happens, we’re going to take a lazy day to stroll the city, find a few farmers or specialty markets and gather ingredients that appeal to us.  Maybe it’s an unusual spice blend, rare fish or just something neither of us has worked with before.

Love clams but terrified about cooking them? Go for it!  Whatever we end up with at the end of our trip we have to bring home and turn into a meal.  The goal is to be spontaneous, have fun, play, connect and hopefully savor the pleasure together of a delicious meal.

Or it can end up going to the dogs (not my dog, mind you!) and you’ll be forced to order take out.  No matter what happens, though, you’ll have fun on the journey together.

I’ll come back and let you know what our experience was and what we ended up creating. Planning to do the same? Share your stories below!

Have a great weekend!

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