Labor Day is just around the corner which means it’s almost time for students to head back to school.  A new year, maybe some new friends and perhaps a new romance, too.

Even if our school days are long behind us, there’s always room to learn. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to pick up a paint brush, camera or dancing shoes this year and haven’t gotten around to doing so yet.  Now’s the perfect time!  What better way to meet someone special than by engaging in the hobbies you already love or have been dying to try.

Want to try painting? ArteVino Studios is a great option.  I’ve been to their Hoboken studio at least three times, all for Van Gogh.  It’s BYOB or wine which make for better painting, they’ll tell you that 🙂

Interested in learning how to dance salsa?  Check out Salsa New York.  With 12,000 members and over 100 upcoming meetups for dancers of all skill levels, you can’t go wrong.

Word to the wise, gents: partner dancing relies heavily on the male knowing how to lead. This generally takes time to learn, so be patient.  I promise, ladies who dance greatly appreciate a man who knows what he’s doing!

For a range of photography workshops worth your while, try PhotoManhattan.  They’ve been tutoring photography enthusiasts of all skill levels for over 12 years in the city. You can find discounts on Groupon and Living Social if you’re interested.

Have fun being a student again!  Sign up for a course, learn something new and meet someone awesome in the process!

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