Is it Spring yet?

I don’t care what Puxatawney Phil saw, the fact is that NYC is going to have a 60-degree weekend in February.  I think it’s a sin to not enjoy a beautiful day.  We’ve got two this Saturday and Sunday and I want to make sure you’ve got some fun ideas to make the most of them.


Hard to describe, Accomplice is a show that combines a performance, a walking tour and a scavenger hunt in the Village.  It’s highly reviewed and seems like you’re guaranteed to have fun and be entertained.  Expect to spend 3 hours outdoors on this excursion.  We may not have another weekend like this for months, so take advantage!  Bobby and I are still deciding whether or not we’ll try it this weekend.

There aren’t a lot of tickets left so if you’re interested, act quickly.  You can find discounts on sites like Goldstar.  Their regular shows will have adult humor and are meant for ages 13 and up.  However, if you have kids under the age of 12 like we do, they offer a show just for them called The Quest for the Seven Teeth.  We’re definitely looking forward to taking our girls this year.

Signs of Spring

Our baby boy, Bono, has been couped up for weeks with the cold weather.  He gets his daily walks but they are too short and unsatisfying for a dog.  Our top priority this weekend is to give him a proper long walk in the park.  I’m hoping for both days but we’ll see what happens.

If you’ve been hit with the winter blues, an outdoor stroll could be just what you need.  My dad suffers from seasonal affective disorder, so as a kid, I’ve done these February walks in the park with him looking for signs of spring.  New green buds on snow-covered branches are what I remember.  I’m looking forward to taking the family this weekend and will post anything we come across, so stay tuned on Twitter @adesinewyorker

The McKittrick Hotel

Gallow Green. Sleep No More.  The Heath.  Need I say more?

If you’re looking for a swanky evening on the town that really feels like date night, this is it.  I LOVE the Roaring 20s feel of The Heath.  The live band with a jazz singer, waiters in dinner jackets and the entire feel of this place just takes you to another world.  They even have a dance floor to top it all off.  I’ve asked (read: TOLD) Bobby to take me dancing and this restaurant is at the top of my list.

Plus, with the awesome weather this weekend, you can properly enjoy their romantic rooftop bar, Gallow Green.  I’ve only been here once but it was love at first sight.  Their cocktails may be overpriced but I’ll let you decide if they’re worth it.  Priya’s going to have to stick to the virgin stuff, though. Just. In. Case. 😉

Sleep No More is yet another interactive theatrical performance that has taken New York by storm.  It’s a Macbeth-esque play that moves across several rooms and the actors interact with the audience.  That’s how it’s been described to me.  I think it’s got a spooky factor that makes is a turn off for me but if that peaks your interest, check it out and tell me if it’s worth it!

Alright, I’ve given you three ideas tonight to make up for the deficit.  If you try any of these and love or hate them, let me know below.

I gotta jet, Bobby and I are doing a stay-at-home date night tonight: bottle of wine and scouring the Craig’s List “missed connections” section.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

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