Flickr Photo by Luissito Buscape Alvarez
Flickr Photo by Luissito Buscape Alvarez

What are you wearing when you meet someone new? High heels and short skirts? Think again. If a quality guy is what you’re looking for, then scratch the fashion advice you learned in the girls bathroom or college dorms. Avoid these mistakes to help reel in a fine catch.

5 Fashion Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

1.       You’re dressing too sexy. Even the most confident guy can be overwhelmed by too much skin, cleavage or leg. It can be intimidating and sometimes can turn a guy off. The players, however, will be the first to approach. So if you’re dressed too sexy and you’re getting attention, it’s most likely the wrong kind. Tone it down and leave some room to kick things up a notch when there’s a real date.

2.       Your heels are too high. Come on, how many of us really know how to walk in stilettos? Unless they feel like sneakers to you, heels over 4 inches are going to make us uncomfortable really quickly. Discomfort and pain equals lack of confidence. It also makes it harder for a guy to come say hi if the smile on your face has just been wiped off. Plus, guys think it’s stupid when women choose to take away their ability to walk more than 3 steps at a time. Mobility and flexibility will empower you more than those 4 inches will.

3.       You’re not smiling enough. I know, we’re New Yorkers and it’s not what we do. But it’s the most important accessory you could possibly wear to attract a man. If you’re having a serious conversation with your girlfriends, all that a guy is going to see is a frown. At best, he’s going to feel like he’s interrupting and you guys don’t want to be bothered. Smiling makes you approachable so let them see your jibs!

4.       You’re not setting yourself apart from the crowd. Don’t get me wrong, I think a tasteful, black, v-neck wrap is an unfailing choice for your dating wardrobe. But it’s as boring as vanilla ice cream…unless you personalize it with an accessory. Guys are looking for an excuse to talk to you. Give them one! A flower in your hair, unusual earrings, a funny t-shirt, gadgets & gizmos, bread for the birds, an interesting book – all of these would work. I would glam up my black dress with my favorite fuchsia lipstick (Sephora’s Mr. Lover) or my favorite long, turquoise earrings that I bought from Guess years ago.

5.       You’re wearing too much makeup. Speaking of favorite lipsticks, what are you wearing on your face? Here’s an easy rule to remember: Go heavy on either the eyes or the lips but not both! Going heavy on both will attract the wrong crowd. Even more daring: go for the no makeup look!


Your presentation is just as important as your technique when meeting guys. Avoid these 5 fashion mistakes to boost your efforts to meet great guys.

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