Flickr Photo by Julio Cesar Cerletti Garcia
Flickr Photo by Julio Cesar Cerletti Garcia


THE NUMBERS ARE IN: According to, one of the best cities for singles to mingle is New York! 50 percent of New York state residents do not have a ring on it.

That’s half, folks. 1 out of every 2 people you meet.

Here’s another fun statistic: Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men have found a relationship at a bar or a club. 

Reasonable conclusion: if you’re complaining that there aren’t any good people in New York, you’re probably not looking in the right places.

There are 85 single men for ever 100 single women in this country.  That makes sense because I’ve never heard my single guy friends talk my ear off about the scarcity of women. But it is the #1 complaint my girlfriends make.  With the US Census showing that 44 percent of the population is single, there are over 100 million eligible people out there.

I love numbers.  Many years ago, when I was searching for someone special, I knew early on that it was a numbers game.  I had many dreams for which path my life was going to take but settling down was my top choice.  I was serious about it and wasting time was the last thing I was going to do.

If I couldn’t find someone special then I would actively pursue my other dreams.  At this same time, I was applying to jobs and wasn’t seeing much success.  It was while staring at my list of 500+ job applications that I remembered my “100 Men” theory.

If I could bang out 25 job applications a week, how hard could it be to find and get to know at least 2 men in the same amount of time? I know, I’m brilliant.

Can I tell you a secret, though?  I was hoping to fail.

I arbitrarily decided that it would be impossible to meet 100 men and not really dig at least one of them.  But I wanted to prove this to be false so I could stop “worrying” about not being able to meet anyone so I could move on to my other goals.  The urgency to get through this process as soon as possible is what led to the creation of a dating plan very similar to this one.

Being convinced that the “100 Men” plan would fail dehumanized the process for me.  It was about getting through the numbers and if any one turned out to be interesting, well, that was the bonus!

With the numbers in mind, I strategized the most efficient use of my time to meet as many people as possible.  As it so happened, I was then under-employed so I made the most use of my weeknights and weekends attending meet ups, networking events and meals with online matches.

But you don’t need to be an Occupy Wall Street picketer in order to find time to date.  Even for the busiest of us, carving out two, one-hour meet ups a week is completely feasible.  If you can meet two matches a week for coffee or lunch, great.  If that’s not an option, attend two meet ups or networking events.  In fact, that’s the best bang for your buck because you can likely chat up 2-3 folks per event.


Meet 100 people this year.  I bet you’ll find at least one person who will strike your fancy.  If you don’t, you have my permission to drop the cause completely!

What do you think of the plan? Crazy or genius?  Sound off below.

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