I read somewhere recently that one can get a clear picture of who someone is by knowing what she values and what memories she cherishes (http://destroynormalblog.com/about).

I hope the list below gives you a good sense of who I am, where I’ve been and want to be, and how I can be of value to you.

  • Got chased down the steps of Machu Picchu by a llama with my best friend
  • Ran a mile without stopping after months of following P90X – I know a mile seems like nothing but considering I could never do this before, it’s huge!
  • Traveled internationally solo
  • Helped translate an American rape victim’s story in a police station in Costa Rica to officers who only spoke Spanish on my third day in a Spanish-immersion program
  • Trekked a glacier in southern Patagonia
  • Survived getting hit by a car when I was 13 years old that broke my ankle needing two metal screws to repair
  • Earned full scholarships to a private high school (didn’t accept) and public university (accepted) and a fellowship to a doctoral program (accepted)
  • Graduated from one of the top public high schools in New York City
  • Traveled to eight countries by the time I was 26
  • Learned how to speak Spanish – mucho
  • Saw the night sky lit up with a million stars on top of Mt. Washington
  • Dropped out of a PhD program at age 27 despite pressure from family and colleagues to do what was right for me and take back control of my life
  • Fell in love completely
  • Walked away from a toxic relationship when I was 22 to keep my integrity and self-respect
  • Developed a healthy level of selfishness
  • Got bitten by a baby monkey
  • Chased a baby lamb through my mother’s home in India
  • Rode a fully grown elephant bare back
  • Sponsored a child in Nicaragua through Plan International
  • Interviewed women community leaders and engineers in Kerala, India to understand how the water crisis in rural areas affected their lives
  • Stood up for the honor code in graduate school and faced backlash from my peers and professors for doing so – no regrets
  • Explored the Iguazú Falls and its jungles
  • Woke up at 3am to make the line at 4am for the buses to Machu Picchu at 6am to get my hands on one of 400 tickets granted per day for people to climb the mountain, Huayna Picchu, AND made it to the top!
  • Studied voice with a lot of talented people at Carnegie Mellon
  • Sang with the Harvard Summer Chorus in 2002
  • Ate my belly full of lobsters and oysters in Maine
  • Transformed friends through my makeover program before What Not to Wear was ever on television
  • Spent quality time with my dad on our last trip to India together

I’m happy to say that despite my obstacles I’ve got a wealth of experiences that have made my life amazing and it’s only getting better from here.  Being back behind the driver seat of my life feels so good and I want to help others who may have been as lost as I was take back the reins of their destiny.

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