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The last time an entire gender in the country decided to strike was in August 1970, the Women’s Strike for Equality organized by the National Organization for Women (NOW). Back then, women demanded equal opportunity in the workforce, political rights, free childcare and the right to an abortion.

Nearly 47 years later, today March 8, 2017, our gender is striking again and not just in the United States.  The growth of technology and globalization has made it easy to turn the movement into a worldwide phenomenon.

But that doesn’t mean protesting today is any easier than it was over 40 years ago.  We’re still having the same debates and fighting for the same rights.  Striking today also requires bravery.  To face the fear that maybe you could lose your job for doing so. That we’ll be criticized for exacerbating the very conditions we demand relief from, criticism meant to scare us from protesting at all.

It’s okay to be scared.  Do it anyway.

And thank you to everyone who faced their fears today.

The very purpose of “A Day Without A Woman’ is to be an inconvenience, to make people uncomfortable. We’re so sorry that you have to scramble last minute to find childcare because your school districts shut down in solidarity with the strikers.    Perhaps now is a good time to consider alternative options when it comes to child care services.

Like, stop relying on one gender to do the job for you.

Or call your local congressman and ask them to start a bill to provide free childcare for all.  I mean, we’ve only been trying for 47 years, right?

“A Day Without A Woman” is meant to be a wake up call.  How would your lives be different if women didn’t exist?

If you didn’t have your wife to clean up after you so you can be a rock star in corporate America?

If you didn’t have your mom to take care of you when you were sick?

If you didn’t have your administrative assistants, mostly female, keep your calendars straight, create the PowerPoint presentations for you, book your flights and make sure you had the visas secured so you don’t get rejected at the airport ahead of a major work trip?

If our experiences from taking a vacation are any indicator, you guys will go ape shit.

So we’re striking today to bring attention to the value we provide in both paid and unpaid labor.  For the injustices we continue to experience with unequal pay, harassment and job insecurity.

We are taking the day off from our 9-5 jobs.  We are also taking the day off from cooking, cleaning, laundry, child care and any other domestic work that historically has been our burden to bear.

We will not be contributing to the economy today.  The markets will not get our money unless it is a small business owned by women or minorities.  So that’s a yes to my local eyebrow threading salon and a no to and Target.

We are also wearing red in solidarity.

Today, I strike because:

  • I was denied a livable wage
  • Pregnancy is still considered a pre-existing medical condition
  • We still have to pay for feminine hygiene products in the ladies room
  • The 9-5 work day model is outdated and needs to account for our responsibilities in unpaid labor, like school drop-offs/pick-ups

Men are also encouraged to support the cause by taking care of women, picking up the slack with domestic work and advocating for family-friendly policies in the workplace.

If you’re interested in getting loud today, there’s a major rally in Washington Square Park today starting at 4pm. I’m planning to attend and I’ll be sure to share highlights right here.

The fire from January’s Women’s March on Washington is still in full-blaze.  Don’t just grab the marshmallows.  Pull up the whole damn s’mores bar.  We’re gonna be here for a while.

Until next time!

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