RE-POST: Baby Mamas and the Lies They Like to Tell

Maggie’s Character

Originally published in January 2017, I removed the post because I thought the liar learned her lesson.

She didn’t.

So it’s back to stay.  Hope you like the new art work! 

Bobby’s ex-wife is a pain in the ass.  Picture every stereotype you might have about an ex and that would be her.

White, sorority chic from Kansas who went to college to get her MRS degree and graduated with no real skill set or a plan for her career (guess the MRS thing didn’t work out).  So she did what any other unimaginative mid-West girl did: moved to glamorous NYC and got a job in publishing.

Fast-forward to present day and she’s a bitter, divorced stay-at-home mom who pretends she’s still married while pissing-off the ex-husband who financially supports her.

She’s competitive, but not in a way that offers real growth.  When sister Katie got married, Maggie had to get married right after.  When Katie had her first kid, Maggie had to have hers right after.  But Katie also has a career and doesn’t need a man to take care of her.  How about trying to compete with that?

Following with her competitive nature, Maggie started a blog a week after I went public here about my relationship with Bobby.  The blog is boring but what’s entertaining is how desperate she is to maintain the farce of being married. Aside from putting on airs, she’s trying to discredit Bobby and undermine our relationship.

For so many reasons, that’s not happening.  Her cheap efforts reveal her ugly personality and low self-esteem.  She’d rather waste her time trying to make us unhappy than improve herself.

Can I show you how pathetic she is?

Attention Whore

Maggie allegedly had a horrible Thanksgiving weekend.  She ended up in the ER with a dubious fitness-related condition.  She checked herself in after making a run to the grocery store.  I’m sorry, but if you’re well enough to hit the grocery store up for food before you go to the ER, I don’t think you really need to be in the ER.  They gave her a bunch of IV fluids and probably a banana bag and she went home.

Here’s my take: maybe she had a moderate condition that showed up earlier that week.  Maybe.  It was probably related to dehydration that got exacerbated after she spent Thanksgiving night wallowing at the bottom of a wine bottle with her self-pity.  She was dehydrated, she needed to drink water. NBD.

What she did instead was make a mountain out of a molehill in an attempt to sabotage Bobby’s Thanksgiving weekend with me. In her post, she elaborates on her husband’s inconvenient business trip to Hong Kong that coincided with her poorly-timed illness.  Those are lies because:

  • She has no husband.

  • Bobby spent Thanksgiving with me.
  • Bobby would never have an international business trip to Hong Kong. Has she ever had a conversation with him about what he actually does?  Sweetie, his department doesn’t generate revenue for the company.  There is so much red tape about paying for anything there, it’s absurd.  There has to be a business justification for the expenses incurred for every trip he and his employees take.  There aren’t enough high-paying clients in Hong Kong to justify sending him on an $8-10K trip for a week.  But kudos for the glamour factor.

So what do we learn about Maggie?

That she’s a liar who loves to tell tall-tales and wallow in self-pity.

SAH Moms Without Purpose

As the children of a stay-at-home mom, my brother and I got frustrated coming home from school every day to find our mom camped out on the couch, watching the Indian channel and doing something so ridiculously mundane like sewing reinforcements to the borders of her sarees.

We said “Get a job!” and after some convincing with my dad, mom’s made impressive growth given her circumstances.  And her circumstances specifically are that of a rural village girl in India who was pulled out of school at the age of 7, married at 17 and didn’t even know how to write her name on the marriage license so it’s an X.

Fast-forward 40 years and she’s bilingual, with an associate’s degree that she had to complete taking courses in a language she struggles with.  She’s developed her creative side working in jewelry-making to then become a bank teller and now a bookkeeper.  She’s come a long way from her humble beginnings.

That’s not Maggie’s story.  Maggie was born and raised in this country with privilege.  She’s got a couple of degrees that she’s chosen to do nothing with so she can live the spoiled life of being provided for by a man.

Really, she’s Bobby’s third child, the bratty adult who’s moved back home with no interest in getting a job.

Tick-tock, Maggie, it’s 2017.  You’re divorced, not dead. You’re not even 40 yet.  What were you planning to do, not have sex for the rest of your life?

Get a job.

Find a new guy. Start by reading my dating advice here.

Show your girls that life is still worth fighting for without dragging down the people they love.

Stop being a cliché, it’s predictable and it’s boring.

Bobby and I are married and we’re going to have a blended family.

The sooner you can accept that, the better off you’ll be.

Think about it.

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