All About Priya and A Desi New Yorker

I’m Priya Marie. I was born in Buffalo, raised in NYC and my parents are South Indian.

I was a huge academic success until I wasn’t. My failure forced me to confront my fears, anxieties and family to redefine success.  The Great Economic Recession stalled my career advancement but the lessons I’ve learned allow me to recover quicker and envision better directions for my future.

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What is A Desi New Yorker about?

This blog is about being first-generation in America. I started it in 2012 with some significant questions:

  • What holds back many first generation Americans from achieving their dreams?
  • When is it okay to be disobedient?
  • Why are our parents so rigid?
  • How do first-generation Americans define success?

My posts, Can We Really Trust Our Family?, Do Your Indian Parents Make You Stressed Out and Anxious? and How to be an Individual offer possible answers.

But as the blog developed, new questions came to mind, specifically as they relate to relationships and dating:

  • What have our parents taught us (either implicitly or explicitly) or not taught us that are setting us up to fail in our long-term relationships or life?
  • What tools do we need and are lacking to make our relationships succeed?

For many of us, dating was forbidden and we never had the chance to figure out what we must have or can’t stand in a partner.  So I wrote Date 3 Men at a Time While You Search for Mr. Right to help.

Shouting matches and arguing to win may have been how your parents solved their marital problems, but I explain in 5 Ingredients for Effective Communication in a Relationship why those behaviors won’t give you what you’re looking for.

I cover specific techniques on dating in the US (in posts like the Meet the Desi Parents 101 series) and I offer tools to help manage common relationship challenges (like How to Reconnect with Your Partner and Keeping Both Eyes Open).

If there’s a specific issue or problem you’d like my opinion on, let me know! Feel free to email me at or use the contact form.

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