Last week I started the conversation here at ADNY on racism within the desi community.  Since that post, I came across a video clip on Upworthy worth mentioning that furthers the discussion on a national level.

I think Heather and Garry are a world-class example of how we can effectively work to diminish prejudice in our country.  It takes a lot of guts for someone to admit that they are prejudiced and then ask for help to become a better person.  Heather McGhee provided a safe space for Garry to start the conversation and not be met with angry backlash.  She then offered effective options to help people like Garry who struggle with their prejudice become more accepting and understanding human beings.  I’m broadening her advice so they can be applied to any ethnic group,

5 Ways to Eliminate Prejudice

  • Spend time with a family in the community that you are prejudiced against
  • If you’re religious, start attending a place of worship with a more ethnically diverse congregation
  • Stop watching the news at night which tends to over-emphasize the amount of crime among black communities and de-emphasizes the amount of crime among whites
  • Start having conversations with your friends about you prejudice. If you’re already engaging with the suggestions above, share your experiences with your friends and family
  • Keep in mind that the advancement of other ethnic groups in this country does not have to be at your expense. It is not a zero-sum game.

How many like Garry are out there just terrified to take that first step? What if what happened on C-SPAN with Heather and Garry were replicated exponentially across the country?  How could you start the conversation or provide that safe space in your community?

There is room to grow, there is space for progress.  Racists can become better people.

I’m brainstorming here and I’ve got some ideas that I’m hoping to share soon.  But I’d love your help!  If you’ve got ideas to help combat racism and prejudice, leave a comment below.

I’ll talk to you soon!

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