Flickr Photo by 2stef27
Flickr Photo by 2stef27

Are your amigos killing your dating life? A night out on the town is never complete without our crew. For the single ladies, flying solo will not only get you weird looks but it’s also just not safe. And of course, a meet market is less intimidating if you’ve got your friends with you.

But if you’re goal at the end of the night is to go home with a phone number or two, think twice before rounding up your BFFs. Here’s why your entourage may be sabotaging your dating life.

Your Group is Too Large

1. Even a confident guy is going to have trouble jumping into a crowd of hot women and talking to one of them. It’s intimidating and large groups of women just don’t look welcoming.
2. The more women that are in a group, the less attention any one of you can get. The bigger the posse, the smaller your chances.

If you’re having a girls’ night out AND you’re single and looking to mingle, keep the group very small. Three or less and you’ll be fine.

You’re Bringing Your Guy Friends Along

3. If a man sees you with a guy, he is going to assume he is your boyfriend/brother/knight-in-shining-armor and won’t come anywhere near you.

Okay, not so surprising. But it had to be said. If you’re looking to meet men while out and about, don’t bring your best guy friend along. The only time to break this rule is if your best guy friend is a proven wingman.


Too many friends can actually be a bad thing. Keep your groups small if you’re looking to meet men. Designer bags are a great accessory, but your guy friends are not! Leave them at home.

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