As a woman, many of you are intimidated by approaching a potential eligible bachelor. After all, isn’t it his job to be pursuing you? Well, I’ve got some news for you that you’re not going to believe so you might want to take a seat first.

Comfy? Good.

According to researchers, like psychologist Dr. Monica Moore, in the dating world women are the initiators of contact 2/3 of the time…they just don’t realize they’re doing it!

You’re all attracting men unconsciously in covert and nonverbal ways. A smile, a flip of the hair, 50 other nonverbal solicitation signals and you are unmistakably inviting over the man you’re sending these indications to.

In fact, snagging a guy at a party has more to do with how many signals you give than how pretty you are.

That’s what Dr. Moore says, after spending over 1,000 hours observing women’s flirting activities. She found 52 behaviors women engaged in that successfully triggered a response from a man within 15 seconds of being observed!  She concluded that a “high-signaling but less attractive woman will be far more successful than a low-signaling but very attractive woman.” Quick, grab the smelling salts!

So what is this secret cheat sheet that every woman must know?

16 Signals to Attract a Man:

  1. Smile at him broadly (the biggest winner!)
  2. Throwing a short, darting glance
  3. Dancing alone to music
  4. Looking straight at him and flipping hair
  5. Keeping a fixed gaze on him
  6. Looking at him, tossing head, then looking back
  7. “Accidentally” brushing up against him
  8. Nodding at him
  9. Pointing at a chair and inviting him to sit
  10. Tilting head and touching exposed neck (It’s supposed to make you look harmless)
  11. Licking lips during eye contact
  12. Primping while keeping eye contact with him
  13. Parading close with exaggerated hip movement
  14. Asking for his help with something
  15. Tapping something to get his attention
  16. Patting his butt

If you’re like me, you’re thinking that a few of the things on this list might be doable however most are embarrassingly silly. But unfortunately, they’ve all worked. And the more frequently you use them, the more likely you’re going to get a positive outcome.


You don’t need to approach a guy.  But if you’re interested, it’s on the ladies to broadcast availability using nonverbal signals repeatedly so that he can do his part and take action.

What do you think about patting a guy’s bum to get his attention? Too much, too little or just about right? Sound off below!

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